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You can search for moving companies online, or ask around your neighborhood, apartment complex, friends or family if they have any recommendations for reliable moving companies. You can also do your own research online, request multiple quotes, or call around and ask for every piece of information that you feel is necessary for your move. Keep in mind that not every moving company is reliable, licensed and insured and that some moving companies will have a hard time satisfying your moving needs. It is always best to do proper research before jumping the gun and hiring your movers.

If your moving company is reliable, licensed and insured, you can rest assured that they will be responsible for damage on your moving day. This is why it is important to find a moving company that will be responsible for your belongings on the day of your move, from start to finish.

Once your move is completed, you can tip your movers if you were satisfied with their service. However, most professional moving companies will not obligate you to tip their movers, and will leave the choice completely up to you. Therefore, if your movers were fast, careful and friendly during your relocation, you may tip them once they have finished settling you into your new home.

Most moving companies will provide the service of disassembly and reassembly with their standard moving service at no extra cost, and will bring the necessary tools to make sure that everything can be taken apart safely and loaded carefully onto the truck. It is always best to ask your moving company for the specific details regarding this service, and give them a list of any items that might require the movers to bring special tools on the moving day.

Yes, moving companies can move one piece of furniture. However, most moving companies that are reliable, licensed and insured do have a minimum number of hours that they charge regardless of how long the move lasted. Before you hire anyone to move one or two pieces of furniture you own, evaluate your costs and make sure that you will be receiving only the best service, even if its just for one item only.

As previously mentioned, movers will both disassemble and reassemble your items, and this service is usually included in the standard service of almost every professional moving company. It is always best to let your moving company know about the items that require disassembly, and if you do own a bed that is tricky to disassemble, requires special tools or anything similar, let your movers know ahead of time to avoid any unnecessary setbacks on your moving day.

Some people believe that moving by themselves will save them money. In most cases, that isn’t the case, but even if you are saving money, get ready to lose a huge amount of time packing, wrapping, heavy lifting and stacking before reaching your destination and having to do everything again. Hiring professional movers will take every worrying thought you might’ve had, and turn it into excitement around this big change in your life. You won’t need to worry about who to call for help, which room to pack first, how you are going to lift that dresser or how many packing supplies is just too much with reliable professional movers that will handle everything for you.

Depending on the size of your move, the weight of your heaviest items and the amount of stuff you own and plan to relocate, is the number of movers needed to safely execute your relocation. Your moving coordinator can also offer you some advice, given their years of experience in the moving industry, in the number of movers you should hire for your move. Keep in mind that if you do hire an additional mover, you could speed up the process immensely, while going with a moving crew that is too small for your move size can end up hurting your pockets a lot more by unnecessarily prolonging your move.

Local moving companies usually charge by hour, and will start charging you once they’ve arrived to your current location and started working around the house. They will stop the clock once the move is completed at your new location and the total time it took to finish up the move will determine your final bill.

Hiring your movers should take place once you’ve gathered all of the key information when calling around and searching for the best moving company for you. Keep in mind that you should hire movers only once you’ve settled on a specific date for your relocation, and giving them a call as soon as possible is always the best choice, given the fact that there are no guarantees that they will be available on your preferred moving date.