There are many events in our lives that can shape our future and affect our circumstances in the long run. It is never easy to deal with these kinds of events since they require a huge amount of stress and responsibility. However, nothing valuable ever comes easy and in order for your life to get better, you have to make an effort. 

Being one of the most demanding events in people’s lives, moving has been causing a lot of discomfort to many of you. From finding good movers and packers to handling bringing your children to a new school, there is no easy and predictable step along the way. You really have to step up and do your best in order for your relocation to go as smoothly and successfully as possible. However, everything you have to go through is usually much more difficult to handle than a thought that your children aren’t ready for this moving and it will affect them in a way that you don’t want to.

It doesn’t have to be like this and you don’t have to wait until you’ve moved to make your children like their new home and neighborhood. You don’t have to wait for the moment your movers and packers are at your doorstep to let them know that the life they’ve known forever is now over and it’s time to begin a new chapter far away from everything familiar. With our 10 tips for moving with children, you can prepare both yourself and your children in the best way to make your relocation a pleasant, exciting experience rather than heartbreaking and unbearable.

Here are the 10 tips your local movers and packers came up with in order to make your relocation easy and your children ready for the new adventures that are ahead of you!

  1. Talk with your children about moving in a timely manner

A pretty obvious one, right? Well, you would be surprised by the fact that many people don’t deal with this situation the way it should be dealt with, instead they wait for the last moment and hope for the best outcome. They don’t actually consider that they should give moving as much attention since they want it to be a day just like any other for their children. However, when your movers and packers knock on your door and your children respond in shock, you’ll be the one who will have to take responsibility and take credit for the actions you haven’t taken. 

Even for adults, the process of moving brings a lot of stress and fear. Imagine being a child who is supposed to leave all of his friends, places he loves, and the house he grew up in. It is frightening. However, it doesn’t have to be like this if you really take the time to talk everything through with your children and let them feel included. You should explain to them that moving is a normal part of people’s lives and that this won’t be the last time they’re moving. It is even better to move more because they will have the opportunity to make more friends and fall in love with more places around the city, country, or even the world. It is not our house or neighborhood that makes a home, but our memories and people we love, and wherever we go we carry those with us. This talk should be open and honest and they should have enough time to process everything and share their thoughts and ideas about it. This is why the sooner you have the talk, the better. Before you hire movers and packers and start dealing with everything, sit down and talk with your family. You have to go through this together and make sure that you all start the new chapter of your life on the right foot. 

  1. Get in touch with movers and packers

If you’re planning a local move, you’ve probably written “affordable movers”, “local movers” or “best movers” in your Google search and got some names that you would like to check out. Hiring movers and packers is always a good idea when you have to deal with moving, especially when that moving includes children. You really don’t want to be so overwhelmed with packing and moving that you don’t have time to notice that your children are struggling or that you don’t have the opportunity to go through everything with them step-by-step. When you decide to move with your children, getting them comfortable and excited with that idea is your priority number one. That is why it is for the best that you put some effort into exploring and finding good local movers and packers who will step in and take care of your relocation, while you take care of your family.

However, when searching for the right movers and packers, you have to be careful and put some effort into finding the good movers who will really provide you with the service you expect. There are many local movers out there who claim to be affordable movers and packers, but apart from being affordable, they don’t have anything else to offer. Take the time to get to know your movers and packers, ask for a moving quote, schedule a meeting, look at their websites, and customers’ feedback. After all, your movers and packers are the people who will handle one of the biggest events in your life and who you’re letting into your home. You want to make sure that they are reliable and trustworthy people who will make this process as easy and fast as it could be.

  1. Think about the best time for your relocation

One of the first and most important steps that you have to make when it comes to moving is choosing the date and sticking to it. When you move with children, taking the time to really think of the best date for your relocation is even more important because everyone’s schedule should be aligned. Not to mention that you really have to think about the date in advance if you want to find affordable movers and packers, who can handle your relocation well.

When it comes to moving with children, you should always have in mind their well-being. If they go to school it won’t be the best idea to move during the school year, since they’ll probably feel shocked to go to their school one week and start the new one next. Children usually have their plans – play sports, music, go on trips and birthday parties. When you’re choosing your moving date you should really consider all these factors, so your children don’t feel resentful and interrupted in their everyday lives. Moving should be an event they’re looking forward to and it should take place when it’s convenient for all of you. This way, when you movers and packers come to your doorstep everybody will be thrilled to begin the new phase of their lives and everyone will have an easier time adjusting. 

  1. Organize your new home together

Your children will be thrilled with the idea to get to know their new home and take part in making it perfect for all of you. Let them choose their rooms and the way they’ll look. Not only will this be very helpful for their adapting to the new environment, but it will also be a nice and useful family bonding time, which you’ll all need during this overwhelming period. Your movers and packers will also be relieved when they come to the new address and you already have everything sorted out, so you can arrange things right away. 

Making a house or apartment actually become home is not easy and it takes the whole family to share ideas and get creative. Your children will enjoy the fact that even though it wasn’t their choice to move, everything else that comes along the way can be their choice. Get your new home fixed, colored, and ready for your relocation. When you’ve all had a wonderful time setting everything up, you will eagerly wait for your movers and packers to come to your doorstep and finally move you to your new home, so you can enjoy your new and upgraded space.

  1. Help your children fall in love with their new neighborhood

No matter if your children are toddlers, primary or high school students, you want them to really look forward to the next stage of their lives. It is difficult for them to adjust to the idea that their best friends, favorite parks, and delicious treats they used to get at the local bakery won’t be near anymore. That is why, before your local movers and packers arrive and the process of relocation takes part, you should invest some time and energy into letting your children get to know your new neighborhood. It would be good to make some maps of the new and old neighborhood and find similarities. Also, find the places that they’ll like and things they’ll enjoy and let them know about them, so they can look forward to it. 

Don’t forget to have fun along the way and find places that you’ll love as well. Don’t get the stress and effort you have to put into your relocation, finding movers and packers, and preparing your children to make you forget that this is a meaningful change in your life and it will bring you so many good things. Let yourself be and fall in love with your future life altogether.

  1. Prepare a special moving kit

This is the universal tip we give to our customers. You don’t want to wait until the last minute and let your movers and packers find you clueless. There are some things that you always have to have by your side and moving with children makes those things even more important. Things like documents, valuables, toiletries, spare clothes, and enough snacks and water for everyone just in case are a must. 

When it comes to moving with children, this special moving kit has an even bigger role. The moving day will be difficult for your children regardless of how well prepared they are. Driving away from their home and saying goodbye to their street will probably bring a lot of memories and possibly some tears as well. That is why it is important to make some toys, blankets, books, and other things that are significant to them part of your moving kit. That way, they’ll still feel that they are not going away from home, but taking everything that home represents with them. 

  1. Organize activities for the first few months

Having your lives organized for the first period after you arrive at your new home will make your lives a lot easier. Especially for your children, it will be significant to have some kind of things to look forward to, as well as a routine to stick to. This should include organizing a few trips back to your old neighborhood, visiting your friends and family there, and letting the children feel that they can come back whenever they miss someone or something. You should also visit different places and get to know all the fun things in your new neighborhood. Don’t wait for your movers and packers to arrive to plan and organize the post-relocation period. 

You also want to visit your children’s new schools, explore if there are things they love and hobbies that they continue to nurture here. There are a lot of opportunities to enjoy and make the first few months in your neighborhood less stressful and lonely. Instead, go out, have fun, and make new friends. Let your children feel how great life will be.

  1. Plan unforgettable goodbye party

This will be a huge event for your children and even though you might just feel like taking the rest and waiting for your movers and packers to come and finally get your relocation done, take the time to do this one last thing. It will be very meaningful for everyone and your children will really get the chance to say a proper goodbye to all their friends, neighbors, and people they love. Besides, you all deserve a good party for all the hard work that you’ll go through! 

  1. Get help with children for the moving day

Of course, this tip is a lot more important when it comes to younger children. When the moving comes and your movers and packers arrive, you don’t want your children running around the house and risking to get injured. The process of packing, disassembling, carrying around, and loading the moving truck is everything but easy, and your movers and packers will have to be focused if you don’t want your furniture to get damaged and your relocation to last forever. 

Whether you decide to hire a nanny or get help from family and friends, make sure that your children are taken care of, so your relocation can be as smooth and quick as possible.

  1. Give yourself a break

This is the golden tip and the one you have to take seriously. No matter how much you have on your plate, you have to think of your well-being. If you get stressed out, tired, and overwhelmed, there is no way for your children to not feel that and be affected by it. Find movers and packers you can rely on and make the relocation process step-by-step. You are perfectly able to handle everything just like thousands of people do on a monthly basis. Believe in yourself and try to enjoy the process of the change with your family. You got this.

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