Top 5 reasons for moving to Highlands Ranch

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Highlands Ranch, located in Colorado, is a planned community just 13 miles south of downtown Denver with a population of 22,000. Highlands Ranch offers a vast number of outdoor and recreational opportunities, above average public schools and easy access to the cities of Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs. Highlands Ranch was also ranked among the top 10 places to live in America, and reasonably so as this town offers everything for everyone. Below are some tips that can help you make the change of moving to this amazing town as easy as possible.

1. The weather

One of the things that the residents of Highlands Ranch are especially fond of, is the amazing weather that comes with living here. This area offers an average of 300 sunny days annually, which means that you can take the advantage of every possible activity this neighborhood offers year-round. The elevation of Highlands Ranch is at 5,900 feet, allowing the residents of this neighborhood to experience every season in their mild versions and without extremities unlike the other cities nearby. During both the spring and fall, you can experience temperatures that are usually around the 50s to 70s, summer is usually in the 80s, while winter oftentimes finds its temperatures to be around the 40s. And yes, there is snow in Highlands Ranch, but winters do tend to be much milder than the surrounding areas of Colorado.

2. Things to do

Often listed as one of the healthiest states, Colorado has the most active residents nationwide. This is quite reasonable, as there is an abundance of things to do in Highlands Ranch and the neighboring communities. The Backcountry Wilderness Area alone offers more than 8,000 acres worth of green space and features 26 miles worth of trails. In total, you will find more than 60 miles worth of trails in the whole community, along with 19 parks that each offer unique things to do. If you need a park where you can take your dog, Highlands Ranch offers quite a few off-leash friendly parks. If you’re interested in golf, the two 18-hole courses in the area provide views of the Rocky Mountain Front Range and offer unique amenities. In addition to the numerous outdoor activities, the neighborhood of Highlands Ranch offers its residents and visitors four modern, up-to-date recreational facilities, including Northridge, Eastridge, Southridge, and Westridge Recreation Centers. Here you can enjoy the days with your family and friends while rock climbing, enjoying the numerous tennis and racquetball courts and pools that are just a fraction of the amenities that you can engage in.

3. Education

The third largest school district in Colorado, the Douglas County School District, has been recognized nationally as one of the best in the nation. Highlands Ranch boasts more than 20 of these above-average schools, providing exceptional education from preschoolers to high school aged children. There are numerous amazing opportunities after school in the area, making Highlands Ranch one of the best places to raise a family and educate your children.

4. Job opportunities

Highlands Ranch is an unincorporated community, which ultimately means lower tax rates than other communities of Douglas County. This is one of the main reasons major companies are rapidly moving their headquarters to this amazing neighborhood, or at least opening branch offices. If you’re planning on joining this warm community because of a job opportunity, then welcome to Highlands Ranch. And if you’re planning on becoming a resident without a job in mind, don’t worry – there are more than a couple thousand businesses that are situated in Highlands Ranch, offering an abundance of job opportunities both left and right.

 5.  Tight-knit community

Highlands Ranch is immensely popular among young families that are looking for a quaint, family friendly community that offers a tight-knit suburban feel. With Highlands Ranch, you’re receiving the whole package – large single-family homes, a strong community that easily solves problems together, great schools, and lots of activities that are geared towards children and families. The residents of the community tend to be friendly, love new additions to the neighborhood, support each other and regularly organize fun events around the area. In addition, the easy access to the neighboring major cities offers short commute for residents that might work in Denver. Highlands Ranch really is the place to be and there is a reason why the residents rarely choose to move away. By being a part of the community, you’re getting everything you possibly need for a tranquil family life and more than that.